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Hearts of Hackney Community Project

As a church community, our mission is to work towards three main objectives over the next ten years: Racial Justice, Children and Youth, and Growing Leaders.

We hope to see these in action as our congregation grows younger and larger in size, strength, and diversity.

We will increase engagement with local communities and give opportunities for all to lead, develop, and grow.


We understand we have an important role in our community as a place that reflects the diverse community of which we are a part, which cares for and provides for people young and old.


Our collective passion within the Hearts of Hackney project is to form a prayer circle, a united front, to safeguard and empower the children and young people of Hackney. We strive to support parents and guardians, and to build a faith community that extends beyond the confines of Sunday worship.


We aim to unite those who hold Hackney’s youth close to their hearts, providing the platform for our collective prayer initiative, facilitating dialogue with grassroots community leaders, and collaborating with organisations that are making a difference in the borough by actively guiding community members.

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